Men's Ministry

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it” (Jesus, Matthew 11:12).  As men, we know the language of power and we love powerful things.  We are drawn to them.  Race cars, trucks, outboard motors, tractors, chain-saws, bats, clubs, and even our mowers and blowers, we like ‘em all with power! 

Men, is anything more powerful than the resurrection of Jesus?  Survey says … “NA!”  There is power in the blood of Jesus to forgive us our sins.  There is power over death through the resurrection and life of Jesus.  We realize we are in a spiritual war and the devil takes no prisoners and has no compassion for any human of any age.  We are not unaware of his schemes nor are we afraid because “the one in us is greater (more powerful) than the one in the world.”  As men, we know that authentic unmanufactured power comes from our great Savior and loyal friend Jesus.  We refuse to live life in Neutral or Reverse.  It’s full throttle with Jesus.

The men of this church are men of power because they are Christian men.  As such, we seek to be powerful leaders in our jobs through excellence.  We work for the Lord, not men.  We seek to be powerful providers for our families and powerful servants for the good of all.  We lead with deeds and encourage one another to make sure the “buck stops here.”

When we gather for any of our men’s ministry events we grow deeper in the Word so we can stand taller in the world for the honor and glory of God.