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What will you discover when you take the step to join us in one of our services of worship?  You will find a diverse and enjoyable group of Christ followers who really do love one another.  We seek to extend genuine hospitality and friendship to everyone.  Smiles, warm greetings, “Texas-style” handshakes and loving hugs are more than common.  We affectionately refer to our church as our “forever family.” 

You will find that worshippers express heartfelt love and admiration for our great God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  When you come you will hear passionate preaching and real world application of God’s Word.  The Lord’s Supper is served every Sunday reminding us continually of the new covenant relationship we possess through Christ and the gift of unity we share as his people.

When you come you will see that we have people of all walks of life, and that is how our assembly looks.  Some dress up while others come quite casual.  The main thing is that we would love for you to come.  The door is wide open.



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