Life Groups

Jesus set out to literally change the world and he did it by pulling together a group made up of 12 persons.  They ate together often, talked about things that really matter and together served others.  This is the Master’s model and the logic behind what we call Life Groups. 

Life Groups are made up of approximately 10 to 15 people (couples and singles) who meet together Sunday afternoon for the purpose of applying God’s word (usually the Sunday morning message), encouraging one another and building good Christian friendships.  Most groups meet in someone’s home.  Often food is involved and we love it that way!

A Life Group is a place where newcomers can connect and move from being an acquaintance of the church to a vibrant participant.  Groups generally last ten to twelve weeks in length.  Then we take a break for three or four weeks.  New groups are formed and participants have an opportunity to join whichever new group they would like.