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Robert Brock was born on December 7th, 1976 in Yuma, Arizona. He lived there for most of his life until he married Sandra Osgood on June 6th, 1998 and they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. They lived in Flagstaff for two years while Robert finished his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. Robert and Sandra moved back to Yuma, Arizona in May of 2000.

Over the course of the next 10 years Robert worked for various construction companies and helped his brother-in-law, Steve Smith, grow a small church in the foothills area of Yuma. Robert’s roles were that of a typical deacon and on occasion teaching, preaching, and leading small group studies. In May of 2010, Robert and Sandra decided to get into ministry for God on a full-time basis and began looking for a congregation to work with. God led them to Aurora, Colorado to work with the Southeast Church of Christ, where they served for 12 years.  While there Robert acquired a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry from ACU in Abilene.  Robert has also spoken at Pepperdine lectures and for various church lectures in the Denver area.

In March of 2022 Robert and Sandra felt God was leading them in a new direction and they applied with the El Campo Church of Christ and started their full time ministry there.





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